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By Justin Handlin and Crit Academy. Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio is streamed directly from their servers. Hit the Subscribe button to track updates in Player FM, or paste the feed URL into other podcast apps.
Crit Academy is a Dungeons and Dragons talk show. Our goal is to deliver guidance and inspiration to both players and game masters. Each week we have a round-table-style discussion about the world’s greatest roleplaying game. Topics covered include D&D news, official released content, playtest material, third-party content, publishing, homebrew, and so much more. In addition to our main topic, each week we have our unearthed tips and tricks segment where we provide a monster variant, encounter concept, magic item, DM tip, and player tip. Crit Academy has nearly 300 episodes chock full of stories, memorable gaming moments, mistakes made, and advice to help all of us grow as players, game masters, and friends at the table. Hosts Justin, Ian, and Brandon each bring their unique views and experiences to the discussions. Crit Academy streams live weekly on Sundays at 7 pm Eastern on Youtube and the podcast releases weekly on Wednesdays on all major podcast platforms. Join the hosts and the rest of Crit Nation in this fun and inspirational show full of dungeon master advice, player tips, monsters, and so much more.

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