Crucial Talks Episode 57 Jason Lauritsen on Unlocking High Performance


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Jason Lauritsen joins Mike Sedam to discuss the workplace and how people can have a rewarding and fulfilling experience at work.

Employee engagement is a cornerstone of the discussion.

Jason talks about how he was driven to understand why a person would leave a job when he worked as a headhunter. He not only wanted to fill the position, but wanted to find out why the prior employee did not want to stay.

The problem he saw was that he was trying to find someone who could merely survive working in that position. He wanted to solve the problem.

Jason wants to take uncertainty out of the workplace. He is a speaker, consultant, and author of the book Unlocking High Performance: How to use performance management to engage and empower employees to reach their full potential. You can get his book from Amazon:

Jason and Mike talk about helping people think differently about the work relationship. They discuss the importance of communication, healthy relationships, and trust in the tribes we know as the workplace.

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