S3E36: Straight Up The Wizard's Sleeve


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How exciting for you! You’ve got the principles of the curse breaking just about right, but the danger with undoing a Great Work is that there are an awful lot of strands and many of them will be stretched very tight, like trees under a heavy snow ready to spring back the moment it starts to melt. When that balance starts to shift and the tension is released expect the power to be released unevenly and perhaps very suddenly. The best way to make it safe, aside from the usual glyphs of warding and slowing ( model the glyphs on a series of dams - you don’t expect any one to hold back the power, but together they should be able to even out the flow and make it more manageable ) is to stabilise as many cardinal points of the curse as possible - the more components of its original creation you have available to you, the better off you will be. Of course anything capable of anchoring this kind of power for any length of time is likely to be imbued with enough magic to have some degree of will of its own - be careful of them!

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