Cruising Myths and Misconceptions debunked plus ship stories with Paul Baya


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Episode 4 discusses myths & misconceptions of cruising which means we get to debunk some things that just aren’t true...or are they? Plus stories from Special Guest Paul Baya (Oceania Cruises), who was on one of the last ships with guests in March 2020.

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Show notes:
0:01 Intro and show description
Myths & Misconceptions about the Cruise industry

00:35 If I go on a cruise, I will get seasick...

1:06 Isn’t cruising for senior or older people?
5:08 Link:

5:53 Are we going to eat in buffets all week long?

8:06 The rooms (cabins) are all small right?

9:50 Mailbag questions:
Jen: What happens with the food waste? Do they just throw everything into the ocean?
Sean: Can you divulge the actual work schedule and responsibilities of crew so guests understands what happens behind the scenes?

12:58 Special Guest Paul Baya of Oceania Cruise Lines
Was on one of the last ships at sea with guests in March 2020.
- Any interesting stories from your life at sea?
- What was it like being one of the last ships at sea in March during the outbreak?

31:55 Before we go, one last story - Mikes great sign off prank

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