Legendary Stories with Richard Spacey - Part 2


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Episode 7 picks up where we left off with Rich Spacey. We discuss his career transition, advice for new crew starting out at sea, and more stories including the legendary myth of "The Cruise Ship Streaker".

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Show notes:
0:01 - Welcome & Intro: Episode 7
Former Cruise Director and industry legend Richard Spacey continues to share stories that some will question actually happened.

0:25 - Follow up on the Blimp & the infamous rumour of “The Cruise Ship Streaker”

1:35 - How hard was it to walk away from ship life? Any chance of a comeback?
Rich shares how he retired, the anxiety of leaving ship life and what he is currently doing with his new business.

6:10 - You were known for wearing crazy socks and costumes, wearing any now?
7:15 - Rapid Fire Questions!
Favourite staff, go to drink onboard, cheesiest joke, most risqué things done and more.

12:39 - When people think of Richard Spacey, how do you want to be remembered?

14:40 - Advice to crew just starting out at sea for their own Cruise Life Experience?

16:30 - Thanks Richard!

19:30 - Guests who cruise for specific crew & next episode preview
Entertainer & Influencer Sydney Brown is our guest next week.
Rich’s Limey-Away video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApVeH6o_xyU

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