"Yes, that actually happened" Legendary Stories with Richard Spacey - Part 1


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Episode 6 features industry legend Richard Spacey; one of the greatest Cruise Director's of all time. Epic stories from his time onboard including pool parties (in his cabin), Oasis of the Seas, holding the record for most Captain's Hearings and his transition to life on land.

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Show notes:
0:01 - Welcome & Intro: Episode 6
Legendary Cruise Director Richard Spacey will share stories that some will question actually happened. Plus mailbag questions about sign on day and great jokes we’ve heard onstage.

2:07 - Mailbag questions
Question 1: Sherry - Crew sign on day is typically the longest of the contract, please tell your non-crew listeners what a typical sign on day is like.
Question 2: Jerry - What is a favourite joke you’ve used or heard onstage?

8:19 - Special Guest Richard Spacey
Royal Caribbean’s top rated Cruise Director left for the Celebrity head office and then went back to sea with Celebrity Cruises, Rich discusses this transition and stories of life at sea.

9:17 - Number 1 Rated Cruise Director
When Cruise Directors were rated by guests, you were always number one, what did you do that separated you from the rest?

14:30 - What was your favourite video?
Many say your classic videos and onstage skits were some of the strongest and most memorable memories for them. *Rich’s evolution of dance video
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOyh9-rZ2R8

17:08 - Major Career change
Why switch companies at the height of your popularity to take a job in the shore side office? How tough was it to go back?

20:22 - The King of Parties
You are the known as the king of parties, tell us about some of your favourites and were you close to getting fired over any of them?
25:13 - World Travel
Finally travelling the world finally after 15 years onboard ships, tell us about it.

26:45 - Oasis of the Seas and the infamous Blimp Story
Rich recalls his time on Oasis of the Seas and the legend of the blimp.
Link: https://www.travelweekly.com/Cruise-Travel/Oasis-of-the-Seas-completes-trials-with-one-downer

33:34 - Stay tuned for Part 2

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