“Conservatives” To “Save Lives” By Preemptive Nuking Non Combatants-Oh, They’re “Pro-Life” Too!


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Mandeville. LA - The 2018 NPR has now been officially released and it is a blueprint for the warfare state and its "conservative" media echo chamber boosters to use nuclear weapons on non-combatants as a PRE-EMPTIVE action. Pray, folks, these madmen are stopped before nuclear war is assured. PLUS Mike's interview with Carrie Gress and Mike's celebration of the 20th anniversary of his 56th birthday. Time Red Pill Topics & Headlines 8:07 Welcome to the Mike Church Show on February 2, 2018 Join our LIVE FREE chatroom @ www.mikechurch.com Listen LIVE weekdays @ www.veritasradionetwork.com Explanation of Candlemas What makes beeswax candles so special? Beeswax candles are the most durable & long lasting candles you can own! They burn brighter, longer, & cleaner than any other type of candle. Beeswax candles have been crafted around the globe for thousands of years. Here's what makes them so special: Beeswax is Long Burning Beeswax is Non-Toxic Beeswax is Clean Burning Beeswax is Renewable Beeswax is Safe for Allergies Beeswax is Naturally Dripless 8:14 Ralph Sarchie and his FB post about burning sage: Some of the advice I see on FB can and will make some situations worse. DO NOT burn Sage or what is called smudging unless you are a Pagan. If you are a Pagan then you are getting what you deserve. Burning Sage does NOTHING against spirits. I recommend using Frankincense, but it must be BLESSED by a Validly ordained Priest or it will do nothing either. Why Frankincense, the Magi brought it as a gift to the Infant King. When it is Blessed it creates a hostile environment to the Demonic and it breaks up negative spirit vibrations. If you went out and bought Sage, season your food with it. Stay safe and God Bless. 8:16 Meme bombing Mike Church in the FREE chatroom for his birthday. Join our FREE chatroom daily to enjoy fellow Crusaders! 8:23 8:26 8:28 HEADLINE: Trump’s Nuke Plan Raising Alarms Among Military Brass by Mark Perry please note, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity and all the usual suspects have been accusing the Iranians of wanting to start a nuclear war for almost 20 years now. What has been our defense? - Mike Church preemptive use meaning Nuke 1st ask questions later - Mike Church Have you looked at the security for the Super Bowl? There are barbed-wire barricades. Security or a war zone? - Mike Church When they detonated that nuke, the recipient will not care that it wasn’t the citizens. 8:44 Welcome back to the Mike Church Show! 8:47 HEADLINE: Humvees, helicopters part of military feel to Super Bowl security by S.M. Chavey CREDO Farms - this family is part of our Latin Mass Society family. If you could support them in any way, we would greatly appreciate it. 8:49 back to headline: Humvees, helicopters part of…. “This is how you condition a population to get use to seeing military in our streets.” -Mike I predict within the next year some #MAGA Zombie will start wearing those armbands the Nazi’s wore but with an American Flag on it. 8:55 HEADLINE: Military presence in place for the Super Bowl Slide Show from post Welcome back to the LIVE Mike Church Show on www.veritasradionetwork.com FLASH SALE OF THE DAY: in the Founders Tradin’ Post Small Is Still Beautiful by Joseph Pearce 9:07 9:11 9:32 Special Guest Carrie Gress author of The Marian Option Her blog: My Favorite Catholic Things March 21st new book coming out-a children’s version of The Marian Option A way for children to consecrate themselves to Our Lady book recommendation: Mary of Nazareth - Ignatius Press Trying to get people to wrap their minds around WHY beauty is important. It is one of the ways God communicates with us. Beauty is subjective but there is so much to beauty. Beverly Stevens with Regina magazine is trying ...

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