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EPISODE 488 Segment 3 features and Interview with James Wilson >NON-MEMBER PAY PER DOWNLOAD< Mandeville, LA – How The Current “Net Neutrality” Actually Helps Make The Monopolies That Will Do What Opponents Fear – I continue my study into the complex issue that is “net neutrality” and what the December 14th vote on the new “rules” actually does and actually means. Robert Tracinski, in doing yeoman’s service to this task, reminds us that once the internet had actual “neutrality” and that’s how it flourished and boomed. “That’s why we should be thrilled to see Internet service providers contemplating “Internet fast lanes” to charge extra for massive data users like Netflix. This would set off a gold rush of investment in infrastructure and innovation that would eventually bring us all much high data transmission speeds. That’s what the actual history of the Internet shows.” I’m still studying but it seems to me that what we have now ARE monopolies (believe me I deal with them daily) and what is needed are NO monopolies. Again, the CRUSADE Channle has a HUGE stake in getting this right, I invite your comments and submissions on this post, below. DeceptiCONNED: Heritage Foundation Courting Defense Contractor CEO as Its CEO… I Told Ya So – The Heritage Foundation is as big a part of the Leviathan super-state as the Pentagon is and so is the rest of the “conservative” think tanks (yes, of COURSE the libtard ones are too). This movie is stunning for the fact that official Mordor is morphing into the military capital of the universe and few seem to notice and even fewer seem to care. The irony is the same crowd that spent trillions in fear of the communist Russian menace that was menacing because it had a central power structure in Moscow and the Kremlin is now constructing its own Kremlin on steroids. Paul Gottfried nails the point. “Like American higher education, Conservatism Inc. is very big business. Whatever else it’s about rates a very far second to keeping the money flowing. “Conservative” positions are often simply causes for which foundations and media enterprises that have the word “conservative” attached to them are paid to represent. It is the label carried by an institution or publication, not necessarily the position it takes, that makes what NR or Heritage advocates “conservative.” If you’re in cahoots with these institutions, please consider leaving them and joining the CRUSADE Channel community by listening to today’s Mike Church Show and maybe even joining our LIVE chatroom of actual [r]epublican “conservatives who also work to order their spiritual lives correctly! The Final Nail For Henry VIII “Church of England” Heresy ‘s Coffin Is Being Smelted Right Now, Yes! – When Henry VIII began his heresy in earnest, he asked the Pope to annul his marriage to Catherine of Aragon. Note he did not seek a divorce but an annulment which is a decree that the Catholic Church exercised its rightful authority to consecrate the sacrament of marriage but in annulment the Church determines that one of the parties entered the Sacrament illicitly. This is key to understanding that what Henry revolted against was an authority he recognized, thus the “Church of England” was born the bastard of Christ she remains today. It is only fitting that the C of E’s Glasgow provost (an avowed sodomite) is now publicly asking for prayers that the child of Prince William and Princess Kate become a sodomite. “If people don’t want to engage in campaigning in this way, they do in England have another unique option, which is to pray in the privacy of their hearts (or in public if they dare) for the Lord to bless Prince George with a love, when he grows up, of a fine young gentleman.” Folks, the C of E may as well enlist with the Chruch of Satan for they are firmly ensconced in its pews now. Though it never had any Holiness or authority to dispense or defend Sacraments, the C of E is now officially over.

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