Finding Your Life Force


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Today’s cast is inspired by Thanksgiving, of course, but also a documentary called Stutz . . . which is focused on the therapists who changed Jonah Hills’ life. Digging deep for ways that truly make us happy and grateful in life. In the film they talk about the “Life Force Pyramid” which breaks down into three parts: Body, people, and yourself. We look at different ways we try to apply these simple principles to keep moving forward and finding those sweet spots in life. We really look at how things can be simple instead of trying to “think” our way into a better place.

Happy Thanksgiving. Move, connect, reflect.

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  • The ultimate Thanksgiving meal
  • Stutz documentary
  • Relentless pursuit of Self-Happiness
  • Life Force Pyramid
  • Body
  • People
  • Yourself
  • Actionable - Feel better
  • Enhance your ability to fight in the world
  • Life is like a string of pearls
  • When it’s tough getting out of bed
  • Initiating the relationship
  • Ghosting in modern times
  • Lonely as fuck
  • We all want to be right
  • Building a yes mentality
  • Make the choice to move forward
  • There’s always one best and one worst. The rest is in the middle
  • The power of writing
  • Creating a flow state
  • Be there with your thoughts
  • It’s uncomfortable alone with your self-chatter
  • Be Thankful for how you treat yourself
  • Dusty wheel barrows

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