Episode 218 - The decade in investing, Google targeting crypto, and more.


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Welcome to the first Flagship of the decade! Unfortunately Adam's preoccupied with other biznis this week, so Brent and Karim are here to start 2020 off, going over the stories that we missed over the holidays. In this episode we talk about Google possibly targeting crypto on their platforms, about the past decade's investing rundown, about Brent finally (maybe) tracking down the guy that scammed him and much, much more - only on the CryptoBasic Podcast.

  • Rapid Fire
  • VICE has an episode out on Crypto, I haven't watched but I love Vice.
  • You can now send Crypto to EMAIL addresses in Coinbase accounts. This is contained within Coinbase, and honestly I have no idea why this took so long.
  • Is Google Targeting Bitcoin / Crypto?
  • Many youtubers have been de-monetized over the last few weeks that have their channels primarily dedicated to crypto content. It appears google is targeting links in exchanges. This was huge channels like Ivan on Tech, Boxmining, Data Dash, etc.
  • Youtube DID release a statement saying it was in error.
  • They also took Metamask off of their Play store. This isn't the first time Metamask has been shut down, but last time it was because there was a clone that was doing something wrong. This time it was for "mining" and metamask lost their appeal.
  • Currently there is an Early Access version of Metamask with 0 reviews, so don't download this version until you are told.
  • Bitcoin Kicks Off 2020 More Secure Than Ever as Hash Rate Hits Recordmultiple monitoring resources including Blockchain and Coin Dance confirmed hash rate was higher than ever on the first day of the new year.
  • 119-143 quintillion hashes per second
  • wtf is quintillion? - 1q Pennies laid out flat would cover the earth 2.5x over
  • One quintillion is one thousand quadrillions, which is one thousand trillions
  • It would take between 25,000-100,000 galaxies like our own to total a quintillion stars
  • Bitcoin Declared Legal Commodity in Chinese CourtThis was in Mid July!
  • Originally shared by Dovey Wan, someone Adam loves following on Twitter that ISN'T Justin.
  • This is the second such case in China that made this ruling
  • "the cryptocurrency meets the virtual property requirements because it has value, is scarce, and disposable"
  • This whole thing was based on a lawsuit on TaoBao, which is like AliBaba without the english version. They had a FXBTC exchange, and and the case dragged out so long that the planiff, Mr. Wu (really). lost 2675 BTC, but was only suing for $11,000 originally. It looks like this might have been a "you canceled my trade so I lost money" thing. He had an order in when the exchange shut down so he never HAD the BTC.
  • So while they did rule that BTC was property, they did not rule in Wu's favor.
  • This decade in investing - Karim
  • According to a recent report by Bank of America Securities, if you invested $1 in bitcoin at the start of the decade, it would now be worth more than $90,000.
  • anybody stuck with a spare kyat — the local currency of Myanmar (previously Burma) — won't be too happy.
  • Due to ethnic conflicts, violence, instability, $1 in kyat at the beginning of the decade worth just 4 tenths of one US cent today
  • Stock Markets
  • Greece
  • continued to struggle in the wake of its debt crisis.
  • $1 dollar invested in the Greek equity market in 2010 is now worth only 7 cents.
  • United States was the best stock market in the world, with $1 in American stocks now valued at about $3.46. That's a gain of nearly 250%.
  • Also best bonds, A 30-year Treasury that was worth $1 in 2010 is now valued at about $2.08.
  • Turkey had the worst bond of the decade. A dollar in benchmark Turkish bonds at the beginning of 2010 is now worth only 61 cents.
  • In 2010, no bonds had negative yields. 2019 had $17 trillion's worth of sovereign debt sporting a negative yield
  • Central Banks
  • The Brazilian central bank was the most active — with 25 rate cuts and 24 rate hikes since 2010.
  • Bank of Japan was the quietest central bank. It lowered rates once in the past ten years — to negative territory in 2016.
  • As interest rates have fallen, investors have flocked to gold, which was the top commodity of the 2010s. $1 of gold in 2010 is now worth $1.34.
  • crude oil was the worst commodity. A dollar's worth of oil is now valued at just 74 cents.
  • Opera becomes first major browser to allow native sending of BTCThis is direct Peer to Peer inside of the Opera browser.
  • October 21st
  • Not only Bitcoin - it also allows Tron .
  • They already allowed ETH previously to this, but it was the first Native BTC browser.

Wikipedia became a verified Brave Publisher

  • https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/ecm7a5/teen_arrested_for_stealing_over_1m_in/This literally may have been the guy that hacked me.
  • This was just a couple of weeks ago.
  • This teen has been charged with 87 Counts of Grand Larceny, and he clearly targeted Crypto between Jan 20 and May 19.
  • He even got $1M from just 2 victims.
  • Police seized 6 iPhones, two Rolex's, and a monogrammed Gucci Wallet in addition to a bunch of high end jewelry at his residence
  • Google Knows what you were doing in 2010 Right on Jan 1.


  • Cryptocurrency Investors Want Dead Executive Exhumed - K
  • Gerald W. Cotten died last year, clients at Quadriga CX unable to gain access to at least $250m
  • Operations encrypted and he's the only one who knew the password
  • Quadriga based in Nova scotia, lawyers assigned by court to represent clients asking to exhume body and conduct an autopsy
  • “to confirm both its identity and the cause of death.”
  • lawyers requested that the exhumation and autopsy be completed “by spring of 2020
  • firm announced his death on Jan. 14 in a Facebook post that said he had died more than a month earlier — on Dec. 9, 2018
  • while traveling in India.
  • died of complications from Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory bowel disease that is rarely fatal.
  • Replacement CEO said no access to passwords, couldnt find keys or cold storage
  • FBI and IRS looking into the firm, Accounting Firm assigned to go over company for possible sale said Quadriga did not appear to possess any “basic corporate records,” including accounting records.
  • They had also transferred tons of crypto into personal accounts of Cotten on other exchanges, with no business justification
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