Hut34 - OnRamp - Aussie Stablecoin on Ethereum - Radar Relay AMA Tim Mcnamara & Peter Godbolt


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Hello Crypto and Blockchain community. I talk with Tim McNamara the Founder and Peter Godbolt Blockchain Tech we discuss the The Hut34 project and OnRamp technologies . Tim and Peters background in the blockchain industry. The Hut34 project, understanding that data has value and why to monetize the data for the people who use it. Tim explains its much more then that to allow the ever growing world of IOT devices, chatbots and A.I. services to connect. An anonymous data economy. Utilising blockchain to progress allowing devices to connect, as it grows to find and resolve any data request with the entire network of connect devices. Being rewarded for your knowledge and data with the Hut34 token Entropy. Peter explains how The Hut Wallet is designed to make it easy it sign in and out for the everyday user, A Google powered Wallet Using your Google account to manage your Ethereum addresses. Also how Oauth Google authentication makes it both easy and secure to access your wallet. The incorporation of Radar Relay in the Wallet to allow decentralised trading, A peer-to-peer trading platform for Ethereum-based tokens built on the 0x Protocol. Creation of OnRamp technologies and the OnRamp token the first Australian stable coin which has also has a regulatory oversight. which is a fiat back Australian dollar token built to the highest regulatory standards. Designed to give more comfort and a easier pathway into crypto. Going into more depth about the entropy token and the OnRamp token Could the OnRamp token Rival Tether as a back stable coin, explaining the OnRamp token has highest regulatory oversight in Australian and Issue with Tether is the current issue of lack of transparency if one Tether is back by one US Dollar. OnRamp tokenises access to real assets. OnRamp tokens are ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum fixing the scalability issues with Raiden, Casper and Plasma solutions 🔗Links to Hut34 Project and OnRamp Technologies 👥Hut34 Website: OnRamp Tech: 👫 Hut34 on Twitter: 🎤 Hut34 on Facebook: 🗞️ Hut34 Telegram: -------------------------------------------------- 🗞️ Join us on telegram! Andy (ICO review) & I two Aussie youtubers. Have created a channel 👍 Crypto Nebula Community - Crypto Knowledge Sharing -------------------------------------------------- 👫👭👬Social- Me on other platforms- Crypto koala - Twitter - Steemit - Facebook -Investfeed- @Cryptokoala -LBRY Cryptokoala 🎤🎧 ITunes Podcasts- -------------------------------------------------- 🦁 VERIFIED PUBLISHER ON BRAVE Fast & Secure browser- -------------------------------------------------- 📚 ICO's are considered as High risk investment, but can be high reward, make sure your carry out your research before investing. 📚 I enjoys making YouTube videos on cryptocurrency and I'm not professional advisor giving advice on investing and trading. I'm not saying buy these coins. You got research yourself guys. What I say is what I believe and my personnel opinion, apart from that I hope to see you on the moon or building on minecraft if you are trading cryptocurrency’s. -------------------------------------------------- 💻 If you you want to mail or telegram me the koala lives at : 💰 CoinSpot- To trade and buy cryptos a Australian exchange Other decent exchanges to trade on - Binance - Coinbase - GET $10 Free Bitcoin for signing up - 💱 Software Wallet: for Cryptocurrencies Windows/Mac/linux: 🔐 Securing your Cryptos? Hardware wallet- Nano Ledger S #bitcoin #ethereum #cryptocurrency #neo #elastos #litecoin #eos #ripple #ontology #monero #stellarlumenes #tezos #zcash #nem #dash #ethereumclassic #vechain #tron #dogecoin #cardano

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