Contextualizing User Data in Web3 |Henry Lee, Co-founder of Noox


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Today we are chatting with Henry Lee, Co-founder of Noox, a platform where you collect achievement badges as soulbound NFTs and build your reputation.

We briefly explore his crypto journey, starting with a Layer 1 blockchain that he helped launch focusing on interoperability, where he also worked on Decentralized Identity and Verifiable Credentials.

In 2021 Noox was born. Henry recalls the landscape was very much focused on NFTs then, with a few projects using transaction history to reward users, gate communities, and provide airdrops.

The vision of NOOX was to add more context to understand users in a more high-dimensional manner and evolve user tiering. They set out to find a way to contextualize user interactions and transaction data.

While the MVP looked very different than today's product, the vision was always the same: to enable data as a composable piece of the web3 ecosystem.

If you want to learn more about Henry, you can follow him on Twitter @ hihenrylee and Noox @ noox_world

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