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Welcome back to Crypto Sapiens. Today we are talking with Spencer Graham, aka spengrah. He is an early builder of DAOHaus, the no-code platform for creating and managing a DAO.

We kick off our conversation with him sharing his crypto journey starting in late 2016, ramping up in 2017, and in 2018 co-hosting the Chicago Ethereum meetup. In 2020 he attended ETH Denver, an inflexion point in his career. Leading him to join Raid Guild.

He describes joining DAOHaus, or pokemol (short for pocket Moloch) as it was called at the time, a mobile-first moloch DAO app that provided a no-code way for people to discover and create proposals, view treasuries, and summon a DAO. Eventually, a handful of people including himself developed the app into DAOHaus v2, which is the app we can all use today.

We continue our chat by reviewing the DAOHaus platform and the many features that provide a rich and nuanced experience for DAO operators and members.

There is a lot to unpack in this episode. I truly enjoyed my chat with Spencer, and I hope you did too.

If you’d like to connect with Spencer, you can find him on Twitter @ spengrah

To learn more about DAOHaus, follow them on Twitter @ nowdaoit, or go to their website daohaus.club

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