Managing Crypto Assets with Smart Contract Wallets | Lukas Schor, Co - Founder Safe


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Today we are chatting with Lukas of Safe, or Gnosis Safe, as it is most commonly known. Lukas started with Safe as its Product Manager, and as the project grew, he became its Co-founder. This episode IMO is very timely. As the current state of crypto shows, we must take custody of our wallets and digital assets. Safe helps you achieve this. Our conversation compares the more common private key wallets to smart contract wallets. And the value of using the latter, which Safe offers. We explore Safe usage from an organizational perspective and retail. As most of us are probably familiar, Safe is a commonly used tool in DAOs to manage funds. But what about using it to collect art, manage funds, and share ownership of digital assets within our families?

This is what is most exciting about Safe and tools like it. They can make crypto more accessible and usable for everyone. This episode has lots to cover, so let's get started. That's a wrap! If you want to learn more, you can follow Lukas on Twitter @ SchorLukas and Safe as @ safe If you have gotten this far, thank you! And please remember to like and subscribe wherever you listen to this podcast. You can also find more conversations like this one on our website @ Until next time, stay brainy.

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