Mini Series : Foundations of Desci by Flowscience| Is Science A Public Good? w/ Adam- Psy DAO, Erik -DeSci Labs, Savva - Crowdfunded Cure, Dr. Clark - DeSci World, Clinamenic- Lobby3


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[mini-series] The Foundations of DeSci hosted by Flowscience. 💡 #4/4: Is Science A Public Good?

🧠 DeScientralized ~ Exploring the Social Layer of Decentralized Science

Introduction: What does it mean to decentralize science? In this series, we’ll consider the fundamental aspects of science as a social activity & institution through the lens of various contributors in the DeSci space. The first four episodes will be published as a mini-series and lay the groundwork for future conversations. Our goal is to facilitate an exchange of ideas between people working on solutions to these fundamental problems.

Let’s start the show.

  • Guests
    • Adam Goyer: Psy DAO
      • Adam’s Aim: The institutional problems in medicine set up in the United States of America led Adam to ask profound questions that led him into the world of DeSci.
    • Erik Vanwinkle: DeSci Labs
      • Erik’s Aim: He believes in the Decentralized Science movement with the view that knowledge should be open and unrestricted to anyone who needs it and should be censorship resistant.
    • Savva Kerdemelidis: Crowdfunded Cure
      • Savva’s Aim: He focuses on creating a data clinical platform that a marketplace uses to fund top arrangements.
    • Jelani Clark: DeSci World
      • Jelani’s “why?”: To create equitable incentives for open access to knowledge.
    • Clinamenic: Lobby3, JournoDAO
      • Clinamenic’s “why?”: The Huge potential of non-financial applications for crypto.

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