Show 85: Michel Rauchs - Benchmarking Bitcoin


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Show support appreciated: 35iDYDYqRdN2x6KGcpdV2W1Hy3AjGje9oL Matthew interviews Michel Rauchs, former cryptocurrency and blockchain lead at the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, and founder of digital asset advisory firm Paradigma. Michel covers the many benchmarks and metrics he and his colleagues have researched and developed at Cambridge, including the Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index, as well as the true user base of the Bitcoin ecosystem. Michel is very detailed and analytically-driven, and extremely bright in parsing through the noise. We continue the discussion beyond the hard metrics, and review the true utility of Bitcoin versus other systems. We also review the various categories of possible, future digital fiat systems, at the central bank digital currency (CBDC) level, stablecoin level, and corporate coin level (Libra). Listen on to learn more. Links for more info: Show Sponsor: Hosts: Matthew Mežinskis, Fernando Ulrich Music: New Friend Music Site: Podcast & Information Cryptoeconomics & Liberty Thanks for listening! Show content is not investment advice in any way.

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