RBI drops plans for its own cryptocurrency+Leading Indian companies to use crypto tokens+Lok Sabha on digital currency and more


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Here are our top cryptocurrency news headlines for the week:
RBI drops the idea of launching its own cryptocurrency: https://cryptodost.io/india/indian-government-does-not-want-to-launch-its-own-digital-currency.html
Top Indian companies planning to use crypto tokens for internal use: https://cryptodost.io/news/top-indian-companies-want-to-use-cryptocurrencies-for-internal-use.html
RBI annual report on banking says cryptocurrencies not a threat: https://cryptodost.io/india/rbi-u-turn-on-crypto-latest-report-says-digital-currencies-not-a-threat.html
Lok Sabha questions on cryptocurrencies: https://cryptodost.io/india/lok-sabha-on-cryptocurrency-indian-government-still-negative-on-cryptocurrencies.html
Indian exchanges supporting Ethereum's Constantinople Fork;
Coindelta supports Proof of Keys movement;
Coindelta stops trading on Flux: https://medium.com/coindelta/important-announcement-related-to-flux-our-peer-to-peer-trading-platform-4e754c9ac1e1

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