Zebpay shuts down exchange, cryptocurrency case adjourned again and more crypto updates


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Here are the top cryptocurrency news headlines from the week:
• Zebpay shuts down its cryptocurrency exchange: https://cryptodost.io/india/zebpay-exchange-shuts-down-citing-rbis-cryptocurrency-squeeze.html
• Supreme court adjourns cryptocurrency case again: https://cryptodost.io/india/supreme-court-adjourns-crypto-case-but-rules-that-aadhaar-is-not-mandatory-for-bank-accounts-and-mobile-numbers.html
RBI Denies Setting up Research Unit on Cryptocurrency, Blockchain or AI: https://coincrunch.in/2018/09/26/rbi-denies-setting-up-research-unit-on-cryptocurrency-blockchain-or-ai-rti/

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