Episode 71: Accelerating Additive Manufacturing in Hartford with Stanley + TechStars


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It was not that long ago that Connecticut was considered an advanced manufacturing hub without equal. We built helicopters, jet fighters, guns, tools, submarines in great numbers - and still do. Somewhere along the way our state lost touch with our manufacturing roots. But recently, the state has been reconnecting with our passion for production, and leading that charge is StanleyBlack&Decker, which announced a partnership with TechStars to create the Stanley + TechStars Additive Manufacturing Accelerator. This new program will bring 10 additive manufacturing startups to Hartford to meet with mentors in additive manufacturing from all over the world. We met with the managing director of the Hartford accelerator, Claudia Reuter, to discuss the purpose and objective of this unique accelerator, and just what sorts of companies should consider applying. Tune in for a very special episode of the CTStartup Podcast.

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