Cultish: Confronting the Filipino Son of God


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Join us for the 2nd premiere episode of the much-anticipated new program from the creators at Apologia Studios: Confronting the Filipino Son of God. Apollo Quiboloy is a popular figure in the Philippines. He worked as an itinerant preacher until, according to him, after proving his ability to overcome sin he was presented to the world as the Messiah. His organization is well-known for putting out a lot of content worldwide and has even become embroiled in legal controversy.
Who is the " Appointed Filipino Son of God”? What does he teach and what does he believe about himself? How can we explain cult-leaders like Quiboloy and their ability to manipulate and shape the thinking of their followers?
Listen-in as Jeremiah Roberts and Pastor Jeff Durbin engage with some of his public statements as well as his worldview. You can partner with Apologia Studios and help to make all of our content possible by signing up for All Access at When you sign-up, you not only partner with us, but you get access to every TV show, After Show, and Apologia Academy.

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