CChat 63: Gabriela Roldan on Antarctica, Argentina, and Penguins


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Meet Gabriela Roldan! I met Gabriela after attending her lectures on board my cruise to Antarctica and South America. Many of you have been asking me to share more about my travels to the great white continent, and when I decided to podcast about it, I knew I had to have Gabriela on the show. She has such an extensive knowledge of the history and culture of the area. We also discuss her hometown at the end of the world, Ushuaia, Argentina. I couldn’t resist the urge to ask the expert about the effects of climate change she has witnessed over the years in the region.

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Now On with the show.

Discussed in this episode:


Strait of Magellan


Tierra del Fuego


Yerba Mate

Punta Arenas

Growlers (ice)

Emperor Penguins

Gentoo Penguins

Climate Change in Antarctica

Antarctic Treaty

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