CChat 69: Matthew Polly on Bruce Lee, the Shaolin Temple, and martial arts


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Has anyone ever heard of Bruce Lee? I’m guessing… yes. Today I chat with Matthew Polly on his new book, Bruce Lee, a life. This is the first authoritative biography on Bruce’s life which Matthew took over 6 years researching and interviewing those closest to Bruce. We chat about his discoveries and the process of writing the book. Matthew is also a fellow martial artist who has chronicled his experiences in his other works: American Shaolin, where he studied for 2 years at the Shaolin Temple and Tapped Out, where he trained for and fought in an MMA fight.

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Discussed in this episode:

Betty Ting Pei

The Kid – Hong Kong Film

The Orphan – Child Actor Bruce Lee

Enter the Dragon

Clint Eastwood

Fred Weintraub

Roman Polanski

Sharon Tate

Manson Murders

Kung Fu, TV Series

Wong Jak Man Fight

Raymond Chow

Golden Harvest

David Chin

Drunken Master II

Dan Inosanto

American Shaolin


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