CChat 97: Happy Chinese New Year of the Pig!


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What does New Year mean to you?

As I wrote in previous blogs, the New Year doesn’t start for me until Chinese New Year. Chinese, or Lunar New Year, is always filled with firecrackers, loud drums, kung fu, and lion dancing.

For many who celebrate Lunar New Year, it is a vacation. China shuts down manufacturing and many businesses are closed on New Year’s day. This year, Chinese New Year falls on February 5, 2019.

I never had the experience of a true holiday on Chinese New Year, because for us it was always a working day, or rather a working week. We spend several weeks performing at various establishments throughout Central Florida.

Chinese New Year to me, is a time to celebrate and bring in good luck for the new year. Good luck to me isn’t a superstitious omen.. I believe we create our own luck – so stay positive, work hard, and ‘luck’ will follow. I am looking forward to celebrating with my Wah Lum family and bringing luck to others.

In my podcast today, I share the story of THE HEAVENLY GATE RACE* and how the order of the Zodiac came to be.

How will you create your own luck this year?

Happy Chinese New Year of the Pig everyone!

Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year

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