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Cup of Tao Season 4 Episode 11 - A Single StepHosted by Chris L McClish In this episode: I talk about how one small decision can change your life - sometimes not for the better. Many of us can trace some life circumstances back to a single poor decision. After discussing this, I take a short break and then talk on a more personal level. Cup of Tao is a production of CoachCMC LLC – and is on the web at https://cupoftao.com. Also visit Chris McClish's website! www.chrismcclish.com Social Media: I'm on Twitter @coachcmc. This podcast is now on Twitter @cupoftao. Support the show: Please support the show! I have simplified the ways to support the show, just visit www.chrismcclish.com/support - where you can make a donation either by debit card, credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay processed through Square, or links for membership options through Patreon and Podfan! You can also make a PayPal donation to support my shows, visit https://paypal.me/coachcmc Don't forget to purchase my book!: Accepting Life On Life's Terms: Taoist Psychology for Today's Uncertain Times Available where you buy print or digital books! Do you love my podcast? You will love the book! Buy it and please review it!Audiobook version is now available at most audiobook retailers! Start your own podcast, do it with the best podcast host, go with Transistor.fm Use my affiliate link (which supports the show) and get a 14 day trial, visit https://transistor.fm/?via=chris-mcclish See the show description for additional information and disclaimers. Show Music Introduction music is Into the Vortex by Chris L McClish Copyright 2013.Closing music is Feel it by Chris L McClish Copyright 2014.Podcast produced by CoachCMC LLC Copyright 2018-2021.

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