Steaks Dropping from Pants & Toilet Paper Rants - Ep. 68


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Are you looking for some deep & rich St. Patricks Day history? Would you like it to come from the 3 least qualified individuals on a podcast? You're welcome, because Kev gives a brief lesson right off the bat.

An episode full of St. Patrick shenanigans, including a special Name that Show, The Best Cereal comments, a lot of crickets are heard, things falling out of a Florida Mans pants and a very heated Chase Rant!

Oh and for the first time, The Bachelor gets brought up on the podcast and its during 7 minutes in heaven, our sports segment. Go figure... Thanks Justin!


*The Cup to Cup Rundown*

  • Florida Man @ 10 minute

  • Name that Show @ 24 minute

  • 7 Minutes in Heaven @ 31 minute

  • This is Where We Fucked up @ 45 minute

  • Are You Smarter Than this Kid @ 52 minute

  • Would You Rather @ 54 minute

  • Chase Rant @ 57 minute - Use code "cuptocup" to save yourself 20% off and get FREE shipping.

The Crunch Cup - Use code "cuptocupshow10" for a discount.

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