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Milly Thomas doesn’t pull any punches in either her acting or her writing, and her latest play "Dust" tackles the issue of depression and suicide head on with no apologies.

The issue of mental health and the stigmas surrounding it have been brought to the fore by the news of the suicides of prominent musicians such as Dolores O'Riordan from The Cranberries, Chris Cornell of Soundgarden or Avicii and the highly public suicide of Robin Williams was just as shocking to those who knew him well as to all of us who were just fans of a man who we all remember as someone who made us do nothing but laugh.

And watching a play about suicide, where a young girl takes her own life (no spoiler alerts, it starts the play)...you wouldn’t expect to laugh. But you do. Straight away. And that is the genius of Dust, currently running at The Trafalgar Studios.

This is a play that challenges you to keep watching, even though what you are watching is so painful that it brings you to tears. And why shouldn’t you cry as well as laugh? Well, you should, in my opinion. And that’s why you need to go see this show.

In one of our most honest chats to date, I sat down with Milly Thomas to talk to her about the genesis of her show, its journey to the West End, and all of the emotions contained therein.

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