CM04: The role of technology in the life of the “everyday athlete” w/ Tyler Nicholson & Kia Wright


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On this weeks episode of Custom Made I'm joined by the co-founders of health and wellness company, Adaptive Nutrition, Tyler Nicholson and Kia Wright. They are on a mission to provide their clients with sustainable nutritional and lifestyle tools necessary to meet and exceed their health and wellness goals. The interesting thing about this conversation is, by having this combined experience across these two key areas of an individual's health (food & movement), means Kia and Tyler provide a unique perspective on the infiltration and effectiveness of technology, and data, in this space. Whilst you can follow conferences such as CES to see what the future may hold, I wanted to explore the role that technology plays today in the life of the "everyday athlete". In this episode of Custom Made we discuss how Kia and Tyler have seen sports technology change how they train/advise their clients, and how the vast amount of data that is now available allows all of us to better track and improve performance like never before. We explore any risks they see with this technology, e.g. people not getting annual check-ups because they believe their device is good enough, and where they see sports and healthcare technology going and the impact it could have with more sensors, smart equipment, predictive analytics for health, etc. And of course, we explore why they saw the need to create a custom product and offering to help clear confusion around eating habits, and how this custom product provides specific recommendations to improve a user’s health. Be sure to tweet at me,, and let me know what you think of the show. Follow Dialexa on: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: Soundcloud: @custom-made-dialexa iTunes:…d1332213517?mt=2 Twitter: Medium: Podcast: YouTube: Subscribe to our weekly newsletter for our latest content and top weekly reads here:

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