CM36: The Industry Insiders Leading Enterprise Transformation and Disruption w/ Doug Platts


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Hey, everybody, this is Doug Platts and you are listening to the Custom Made podcast. Each week I talk with digital transformation leaders within enterprise organizations, and thought-leaders within the custom technology space. My goal is to shine a spotlight on the work that is happening in enterprise organizations who are changing, and the leaders who are driving that change. We are on to episode #36 and for this weeks episode I wanted to highlight some of the amazing industry insiders we have had on Custom Made that have pulled back the curtain on the work they and their teams are doing to transform enterprise organizations. These exceptional individuals discuss the trends and headwinds that are shaping industries such as airlines and transportation, telecommunication, and finance. These trends include Service Design, AI, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and Cybersecurity. You find the full episode of each of these Industry Insiders here: CM35: How Ericsson is Weathering the Perfect Telecom Industry Storm w/ Swamy Vasudevan - CM26: Service Design - Designing Beyond the Product w/ Bianka McGovern - CM33: Building The Platform Organization at Scotiabank w/ Justin Arbuckle - CM28: Bringing Innovation to Southwest Airlines through Human-centered Design w/ Heather Figallo - CM24: The Current State of Cybersecurity - Risks, Responses, & Responsibilities w/ Alex Cherones - CM22: The Modern CIO (Chief Integration Officer) and Legacy IT w/ Charlie Feld - Be sure to tweet at me ( and let me know what you think of the show. Follow Dialexa on: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: Soundcloud: iTunes: Overcast: Twitter: Medium: Podcast: YouTube: Subscribe to our weekly newsletter for our latest content and top weekly reads here:

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