Episode 007: David Grimes


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Recorded April 24, 2020. David Grimes, calligrapher and penman from Portland Oregon, explains his love of the care and intention that goes into expressing the written word through his craft. He guides us through the twists and turns of terms like; script, font, uppercase, lowercase, cursive, engrosser's script, and roundhand. He also clues us in to a secret society which only certain calligraphers are inducted into: The Order of the Black Chrysanthemum.

To see more of David’s work, visit his website www.masgrimes.com, or check him out on instagram @masgrimes. He is also on twitter and reddit.

David’s craft crushes include bookbinder Lousie Bescond, glass artist David Smith, and your Cut the Craft co-host Brien Beidler.

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