Why Webinars Are Dying - Ep #45


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Q: What do bad Karaoke singers, and most Marketers who use Live Video, have in common?

A: They both suck and they don't even know it!

People are just tired of these "fake webinars", which are nothing but a pre-recorded video, with a long, drawn-out intro, where the presenter usually starts off really slow, welcomes users as if there are real users listening live, and sometimes it may actually be true - that it was probably a recording of an actual live webinar when there WERE real people listening. Either way, it usually takes about 10 minutes or so to get into the meat of the content. There's the obligatory self-praise in the beginning, showing some warm-and-cuddly family pictures with kids and pets, and vacation shots, and a bunch of "see, this is why I'm cool" type of accomplishments.

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