Carolina Lopez - Defective viral particles and how they shape the virus-host interactions. [Spanish]


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In this special episode for our Spanish speakers listeners, Mila and Elihu are talking with Carolina Lopez about how viruses interact with the immune system during infection. As viruses copy their genomes, a large number of defective copies are made. Carolina studies the different forms of a virus, including those with regular and defective copies of their genome, that are present in an infection and how these different forms interact with the infected cell and influence its function. You can listen to all our podcasts at, email us at or tweet us @CVRblog. You can find our previous content on influenza over at, email us at or tweet us @CVRblog. Featuring: Carolina Lopez, Milagros Collados and Elihu Aranday Editing: Milagros Collados Music: Siesta - Jahzzar -

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