Dell Boomi: Interview with Chris McNabb & David Irecki Ep. 34


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Today, Dell Boomi is one of the leading players in the Australian integration market. How did Dell Boomi manage to move from newcomer to front-runner? Australian government departments and the private sector can use data to build trust and loyalty at a time when customers/consumers are more vocal and powerful than ever before, with the ability to cause havoc with a single tweet from a bad experience. We have seen many examples of how organisations have mismanaged customer data. What can organisations do to turn this around and harness data in a constructive way to build trusted and loyal relationships with customers? Cities around the world, including here in Australia, are racing to declare themselves “smart” to become more efficient, safe and sustainable. What are the big data challenges to overcome in order to realise the ambitions for Smart Cities? Hosted by Steve Nuttall, Head of CX Research at Fifth Quadrant. Special thanks to Chris McNabb, CEO Dell Boomi and David Irecki, Director – Solutions Consulting APJ Dell Boomi and the Watterson PR team in North Sydney.

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