Episode 126 - How much is your data worth on the black market? David Jacoby #KLNext Series


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Interview with David Jacoby, IT Security Evangelist with Kaspersky Lab discussing his research into the black market and the availability and price of your personal data. If someone gets hold of your identity, how much is that worth to them? David has researched the value of gaming profiles, social media accounts and other credentials and how it is being bartered on the dark web.

David also provides excellent direction on the use of pass-phrases as a better alternative to passwords.

For more information on David Jacoby, visit https://www.kaspersky.co.uk/about/team/david-jacoby or follow at @jocobydavid

Recorded 30 October 2018 at Kaspersky Lab Next Conference, Barcelona, Spain. #KLNext. Apologies for the initial sound quality (echo).

MySecurity Media were participants in this year’s Kaspersky Next conference courtesy of Kaspersky Lab.

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