Are hackers born or are they created? How can cybersecurity professionals secure the family home and can we ever outsource penetration testing? with CHRIS GATFORD


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  • Louisa has been in New York at a Cyber insurance conference and shares her insights from a couple of the sessions including what people want their cyber insurance policy to cover and whether or not millennials care about privacy including the impact digital savviness may have on this
  • Beverley wants to know who the greatest conmen of our time was and Louisa thinks Frank Abagnale Jr. is a good candidate and there are lots techniques Frank used that are still used today.
  • Louisa and Beverley discuss the different definitions of social engineering
  • Beverley is excited to have Chris Gatford on the podcast today
Chris Gatford is the director of Hacktive in Sydney, Australia and performs penetration tests for organisations all around the world. Chris has performed thousands of penetration tests in his career and has reviewed countless IT environments and has directed and been responsible for numerous security assessments for a variety of corporations and government departments

Chris has co-authored two books, including “Network Security Assessment: From Vulnerability to Patch” from Syngress Publishing.
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  • Louisa is seeing some themes emerge from the podcast interviews in terms of the key skillsets needed to be in cybersecurity and the criticality of curiosity
  • Beverley agrees with Chris on why it is so hard to secure the family home
  • Beverley is also glad to hear that millennials are asking big questions about privacy
  • Beverley shares her view on whether penetration testing can be outsourced including the use of bug bounty programs and the role of trust
  • Why we need another podcast to look at how our roles might change in the future and how we prepare for that
  • How the BBQ/taxi conversation has changed and why we need to be ready to change our message as the criminals evolve
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Guest: Chris Gatford
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Digital literacy survey mentioned at the panel discussion Louisa attended in New York

Frank Abignale on why tech has made things 4000x easier for criminals

Open DNS solution mentioned by Chris during the chat

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