26 Off the Cliff of Overtraining with Trevor Connor and Rocco Orlando


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Trevor Connor, Host of Fast Talk, and Rocco Orlando, U.S. Army veteran and athlete, are here to discuss their respective journeys into the dark world of overtraining. Each of these men has a poignant story to tell. The idea behind sharing these stories is that you, the listener, will get a feel for what happens if you decide to overtrain your body. As you’ll discover there are extraneous factors that play into each of these athlete’s downward spirals. There are powerful insights here into what makes the mind of the athlete tick.

This is a clear demonstration of what happens if you do decide to ‘just keep training.’ If you adopt the ‘more is always better’ mindset and ignore the signals of the body this is what can happen. Sticking to the training plan relentlessly or over-doing miles, intensity, and general time on the bike. This will eventually lead to some dark outcomes. Both of these guys have taken that downward spiral to the extreme. It’s very useful for us to hear their stories. Understand the elements that were at play for them to adopt this mindset and to keep going in spite of the warning signals from their bodies. This is where the power in the lesson lies.

Rocco’s Story: https://cyclingtips.com/2020/08/bikes-of-the-bunch-saved-by-the-bike-a-former-soldiers-custom-venge/

Where we first heard Trevor’s story: https://www.fasttalklabs.com/fasttalk127/

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