28 Thoughts on Bicycle Saddles


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Many riders come into the fit studio struggling with their bicycle saddles. In this aspect of bike fitting, the end goal is to have a saddle disappear, where you don’t think about it for one hour, you don’t think about it for three hours, you don’t think about it for five hours, you don’t even think about it when you get home. There’s no chafing, there’s no scarring, there are no saddle sores, there are no little pebble-sized cysts growing in your nether regions, which is unfortunately quite common.

We’re going to talk about the anatomy of the human undercarriage, and then we’re going to talk about the shapes of saddles and how those two things go together. How do they fit together? What are the design concepts of different types of saddles? How do they support the weight of the torso?

All this and much more this week on Cycling in Alignment.

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