Episode 12 - Interview with David Smith MBE


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  • David Smith is a remarkable athlete and individual who from a young age had an overwhelming desire to be an elite athlete and compete at the Olympics. Things did not start well as he was born with club feet which required an operation, requiring him to have to learn to walk again. Not really the start of a promising career as an elite athlete or Olympian. Not only that he would go on to have to endure medical misdiagnoses, followed by tumours, blood clots, strokes and paralysis, a life of agonising pain and multiple further life threatening operations.
  • Despite all of this David's story is one or remarkable determination and resilience which has resulted in a career as an elite athlete and a successful one at that as a 2x World Champion and London 2012 Gold medalist. These success coming as a member of the Rowing Paralympic team in the legs, trunks and arms adaptive mixed coxed four.
  • To summarise he has to date had to endure 6 operations on the tumour in his neck and has come close to not surviving those operations on several occasions. On each occasion he has had to learn to walk again. After his 5th operation he is now significantly paralysed down his left side but this still does not stop him riding his bike. Yes having dabbled in several sports, winning Olympic Gold he says that his true passion is cycling and he loves the freedom that the bike gives him.
  • This interview covers his life story, all of the ups and downs to where he is now, training on his bike 14-16 hours a week trying to build up his strength with an eye to the UCI World Championships in Glasgow in 2023.

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