Episode 7 - Interview with Dr Shawn Bearden, Science of Ultra


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I had the great pleasure to interview Dr Shawn Bearden, who was one of my inspirations to create this podcast. Shawn has his own super successful podcast 'The Science of Ultra', where he conducts interviews, has a coaches corner and some individual information about ultra trail running. He is a former soccer player who, after studying at Florida State University then became a professor of physiology at Idaho State University, turned to running in what he called a mid life crisis. Although this was not just the run of the mill running this was the really long 'ultra'' stuff. This episode starts by getting a bit more background on Shawn and why he decided to start his podcast. We then try to compare his work as an exercise physiologist, coach and now podcaster on ultra running to the world of ultra cycling.

I would certainly recommend that even if you are not a runner that you have a listen to Shawn's podcast as there is some great material there that is relevant to any athlete or coach.

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