Episode 9 - Technical Innovation 1 - Shokbox bike box


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In a slight departure from our normal format we are introducing a new technical innovation series where we will bring interviews from different inventors of technical innovation in cycling. On the Cycling Science Podcast we do not do simple endorsements or marketing of new cycling products products and we only interview people if they are doing something really innovative, breaking the mould or bringing something that is first to market.

First we have Shokbox (www.shokbox.co.uk) invented by Martin Greene, this is a very interesting story where Martin recognised from personal experience that many of the bike boxes on the market had significant flaws and decided to do something about it. Martin tells us about the thought process that went into designing his new bike box by improving on all of the key important features that can be problematic in packing and transporting your bike in a bike box.

For each of the new Technical Episodes I will post a longer article on the website www.cycling-science.com if you would like a bit more detail.

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