A2U: An EUC Discussion with Tech Gurus Dan Dillman and Cliff Miller - Podcast Episode 314


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In episode 314, Douglas Brown interviews Dan Dillman, CEO and Cliff Miller, CTP at A2U! Together we discuss the EUC world today, cloud, VDI, SBC, Microsoft MVD, DaaS, Thin Clients and much more. About A2U Based in Cranberry Township, Pa. and founded in 2003 by current CEO Dan Dillman, A2U has positioned itself as a leader in the IT industry. Initially, A2U began as a cloud hosting company. Under Dillman’s leadership and expertise in Citrix, the company grew into a full cloud hosting provider and IT consulting company by 2012. Today, the company is one of about 30 Citrix Platinum Partners in the country. The company is also highly recognized as a Platinum Partner in Ivanti, IGEL and Imprivata technologies. In 2016 and 2017, A2U was named the fastest growing technology company in Pittsburgh, an achievement driven by A2U’s hiring approach to only recruit top-tier technical talent and people who model and align with company values. Providing around-the-clock, in-house IT support, delivery insurance and a specialty in healthcare IT has allowed A2U to maintain its fast growth. A2U acquired Roberts Construction in 2016, and expanded its services to include collaboration offerings. The following year, a Philadelphia-based IT consulting group, formerly known as UMed, joined A2U. This allowed A2U to expand its resources in Eastern Pennsylvania. In 2017, A2U was named a Pittsburgh Business Ethics Award finalist. Earlier this year, A2U was acquired by FutureTech Holding. A2U Leadership attributes the standout recognition to the company’s trusted advisor approach: Demonstrating a firm commitment to ethical practices in day-to-day operations, philosophies and responses to crises and challenges. Learn more: https://www.a2u.net/ About Dan Dillman, CEO A2U Dan Dillman is the founder and CEO of A2U. Under his leadership, A2U has earned the fastest growing technology company in Pittsburgh two years in a row (2016, 2017) and achieved Citrix Platinum Partner status, an achievement designated to only about 30 companies in the country. Dillman’s promise to hire only the best, technical staff and philosophy to sell customers a solution – not a product – have been the key drivers in the company’s explosive growth. As an industry thought leader around mobility, virtualization and how to optimize IT networks — Dillman brings a wealth of experience from managing IT projects at SMB to large-scale companies with 50,000+ user implementations. His IT background spans a range of verticals, particularly healthcare, across the state of Pennsylvania and throughout the region. Prior to founding A2U in 2003, Dillman was the technical lead at FedEx in charge of desktop and application delivery to its roughly 1,000 facilities around the U.S. and Canada. Later, he joined UPMC as the senior Citrix architect. In 2018, Dillman was named a winner of Pittsburgh’s CEO of the Year Award. Dillman has been called the “best in the business” when it comes to developing IT solutions and enabling companies with the technologies they need to mobilize business. About Cliff Miller, CTO A2U As A2U’s CTO, Cliff Miller is chief problem solver as it relates to IT systems. In this role, Miller oversees all technical staff. A Citrix expert with 15 years of technical experience under his belt, Miller brings a wealth of knowledge around mobility, security and virtualization. Miller is a certified Citrix Virtualization Specialist and Citrix Networking for Apps and Mobile Security Specialist. In addition, he is a Citrix-certified associate in networking and a Citrix-certified expert in virtualization. Under his leadership, A2U was recognized nationally in 2018 at Citrix Summit by earning the Pre-Sales Technical Excellence Award. In his nearly four years at A2U, Miller has spearheaded a long list of comprehensive strategies for companies across the region and has designed, implemented solutions for some of IT departments’ biggest challenges. Prior to working at A2U, Miller was an integral part of IT teams at UPMC and FedEx. Whether businesses are struggling with management of multiple devices, legacy system migrations, data center consolidations or anything in between – Miller has positioned himself as a technical strategist who plays a leading part in setting A2U’s corporate strategy and driving its overall technological infrastructure. About Douglas A. Brown Douglas Brown is the Founder and President of DABCC, Inc. Doug has more than 20 years of experience in virtualization, cloud, and server-based computing technologies and markets. DABCC is the first and most visited website dedicated to all elements of virtualization and features news and resources. Prior to DABCC, Doug worked at Citrix Systems, Inc. as a Senior Systems Engineer from 2001 to 2004 where he developed the leading Citrix deployment system, “Methodology in a Box”, which has more than a million users. Additionally, his peers and management at Citrix named Doug Systems Engineer of the Year in 2002. From 2005 to 2016, Doug was awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) by Microsoft Corporation for his contributions to the industry. He has also been acknowledged with the Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) and VMware vEXPERT awards for his continued support in the IT community. Doug speaks at leading industry events and has been a prolific author over the past 20 years. Mr. Brown was awarded a US Patent relating to “social content management”, US#8903912. Mr. Brown is also the host of the #1 rated virtualization and cloud podcast show, DABCC Radio. 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