E5: Stress and different ways we deal with it.


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How do you deal with stress or a stressful situation?

This week we tackle how each of us deal with the different stresses we have in our lives.

That balance of just trying to get everything done in everyday life is stressful enough. Everyone's going a million miles an hour and doing the best they can. That's all anyone can do is the best they can. There's always something else which needs to be done, and sometimes that thing can be done tomorrow.

Everything from cheeky beers to meditation, exercise and journalling gets a mention as different ways we try or have tried to deal with stress.

"When I was going through some mental health stuff, that was really pushed on me, and it works a gem, especially in that scenario when you just can't sleep and it is two o'clock in the morning, just to write it down. And, usually, you don't actually end up coming with a solution, but you just get it out of your head. So, you can go back to bed and you can, I don't know whether the subconscious works on it or whatnot, but just putting it on paper, as well, can usually ... Because when you get in your head, you can just be way too much in your head."

"I know sometimes I step outside the backyard and I can see my neighbor on a Sunday sitting in his hammock watching a bit of TV. I look at him and think, oh man, I just, I wish I could be doing that right now. But then I look around the house and go, bang, lawns, trees are down, all these other things. The guilt just kicks in and I go and get to work on those tasks rather than ... I'll put the feet up for an hour if I can."

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