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As a child, I remember heading out the door for a day in an endless adventure. It usually concluded with a game of Hide-And-Seek.

Those days seemed to last forever.

These days, most of us are still running until the sun goes down. But there's so much to do that we rarely have time to ponder the bigger picture.


You will always find time for your most important tasks. You will eat, sleep, pay bills, feed the dog, and take care of your children - no matter how crazy life gets.

When life gets crazy, and you scream, "Something has to GIVE…" it's usually your dreams for the future that get put off.

Steven Covey reminded us how important it is to focus on what's important as much as possible. Make sure you put yourself on the list too. Then, when life goes off the rails, fix it as soon as possible, get back to what's essential, and keep moving.

Not all dreams come true, but the important ones always seem to come your way.

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