How To Make Money With Bitcoin


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How to make money with bitcoin What do I ACTUALLY think about crypto currency How to start a crypto currency business “Want to connect on Facebook? Add me on Facebook: Some people are running a serious business while others are buying bitcoins with the hope that their value will go up. Most people who are in the bitcoin “business” have lost money. There is a small amount of people who know what they are doing, others are lucky and the rest have no idea what they are doing at all and are unlucky. The problem is the short term mindset of get rich quick mindset which does not exist. Here are the most important rules everyone should take into consideration. Build a real business. Stick to stuff. Don’t dabble. Do market research. Sell shovels and don’t try digging for gold. Here are 2 conflicting mindsets that people struggle with. There are guys with consumer mindsets. If you let other people sell to you instead of selling to other people, then you are an employee. There are guys with producer mindsets who build platforms and collect money for investments. They are sales people who have a scalable business. Here is how bitcoin trading works. It is a transfer of funds. You take it from people who have no clue and give it to people who do have a clue. Putting money into a coin is not the maximum value you could be providing. The best way you can earn a lot of money is with an online business. The solution is to build a real business that provides value. Focus on getting paid first, prove your shit and scale it. If you want to earn money with crypto, you have to create a crypto business. Very few people make any money with crypto. If you are going to buy bitcoins, you really have to know what you are doing. My advice for you is to leave the crypto stuff aside and start an actual business. That is what we are focused on in our mastermind Daily Business Hustle. We help our members to choose and implement a working business model. We teach them how to sell, what to sell, how to deliver it, how to outsource and how to automate it. We teach them the things that they need to know to build a real business. We do not buy coins with the hope that one day this coin will increase its’ price. We do not rely on luck. We rely on skills that are proven to produce results. Our goal in DBH is to implement proven business models that work. If you have difficulties implementing them, there are a lot teachers and other member who are always ready to work.

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