What Are My Unique Values | Lesson #1: Destiny vs. Fate


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Recorded Live at Rohr Chabad NDG in Montreal, Canada on November 11, 2019
Lesson #1: Destiny
Unlike the Greeks, who believed that life was scripted from birth, the Jews believe in destiny. In short, they reject the idea of tragic fates and instead champion the individuals’ capacity to create their own destiny through individual choice.
Our culture is showing the cracks of a growing fracture. Soaring divorce rates; a crippled economy that rewards the few and punishes the many; religious-fuelled hatred; record rates of depression—the headlines paint a grim picture. We inhabit a society that desperately needs fixing. But our society can be made whole again when we as individuals make the choice to live a life based on values.
For too long, conversations about values have been derailed by political movements and Hollywood fantasies. “What Are My Values” will present age-old ideas as guideposts for the challenges of modern times. These values, whose roots are in the Bible and thousands of years of Jewish spiritual living, can be applied to anyone in the modern world who want to renew their existence and recommit themselves to the most precious things in life.
“What are My Values” shows everyone how to use the timeless values of the Torah and Judaism to live a more fulfilling, modern life.

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