Kagro in the Morning - June 2, 2020


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David Waldman combs through the detritus of American society, in a quite entertaining fashion:

Last night was another picturesque evening in DC , graced by the loveliest golden hour sunset. You know there’s no better time to take the Presidential Apprentice crew out to pick up some b-roll! Ergo, Donald Trump had the palace guard sweep the lowlife and scum from sight, so photographers could pick up a few shots of Donald’s post curfew stroll, trespassing, church looting, and religious desecration. His fans will just eat that up.

Americans, am I right?

We are who we thought we were, except worse. Joe Biden calls on us to be more than we think we could be. Arlington Virginia police looked into the mirror and didn’t like what they saw. If you think the police are bad, you don’t want to see the vigilante white-boi gangs.

How did this all happen? Well earlier, on Saturday, beta-president Trump was shamed like a dog for hiding in his basement the previous night. By Monday he was reenacting the Downfall scene on Zoom with governors...

Trump wanted to get the G7 back together and relive old times, but Angela and the gang would prefer to increase their social distancing for the time being. Donald thought he’d invite Vlad, but it turns out Putin might be even less popular.

We still have COVID-19. Trump hopes Obamagate will take our minds off our troubles, therefore Mike Flynn, who is a spy, will need to be made a hero against whatever the deep state is at the moment.

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