Ep 2| How To Set Goals For The Life You Want Featuring Jadah Sellner


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Do you struggle with trying to execute too many projects at the same time and not get traction? Perhaps your goals are narrowly focused on work and you don’t get to other important areas of your life – starting the business, traveling, letting go of the weight. In this episode of the Daily Success Show, I share exactly how to plan out your year so that you have time for all areas of life and not just work. We also have a short interview with special guest Jadah Sellner, Tribe of World changers and co-author Simple Green Smoothies who shares how she plans the year and helps clients reach financial targets for their business.

This week’s action guide is the 90 Day Project Year. Complete this guide to get a better picture of what priorities you should work on and when. You can make all your dreams happen, just not at the same time.

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