Ep 3| 6 Routines that will transform your life


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Wouldn’t you love to have a routine that allows wake-up feeling good, have time for yourself and know exactly what to do. Well today we’re talking about daily routines. I’m going to share 6 routines you can use to manage your day.

6 Routine’s that will transform your life

These routines are explained in full detail on the show:

  • Morning Routine: Did I set up my day to win
  • Hour of Power: Â Did I set up time to work on my 90-day goals
  • Workday wrap up routine: Did I note where I left off? How am I going to make the transition from home to work, If you work from home it’s hard to transition
  • Power Down Routine: Don’t want to go to bed with things running through your mind. Quite down the mind and get the rest that you need for the next day
  • Prep: Time that your executing commitments that you need to do, nonprofit board, in your business
  • Self-Care Routine: Have I made myself a priority

This weeks action guide is on designing your own daily routine. This guide will help you create a routine for your morning and your project goals.

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