Plannerpalooza: 5 Systems You Need to Automate and Grow Your Business


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Did you know that 20% of businesses fail in their first year and more than 50% fail in their Year 5? I’m going to share with you how to NOT belong in that statistic. If you want to be on the business growth track but you still feel unorganized and do everything yourself, I’ve got you covered in this episode.

I’m giving you front row seats on this training called PlannerPalooza by Daily Success Routine and we will tackle the ways to work less stressed by applying the 5 systems that can automate and grow your business.

What you will learn:

  • Set up a process for onboarding clients, managing communication and getting paid
  • Know where the business stands financially and stop wondering if or when the money’s coming
  • Plan out your color-coded calendar with priority projects and focus more on being the CEO

You can watch the full training here:WATCH NOW:

Today’s take action activity:

Watch the training and start automating your business. Feel free to share your before and after results along with the other Plannerpalooza participants inside the Success Squad, private Facebook community. Look for the Plannerpalooza post in the feed to share your results.

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