Ep: 001 - What is Daily Two Minutes Of Greatness?


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Become world-class by learning from those that are world-class.

Ever wonder how a world-renowned artist stays humble? How elite athletes bounce back from defeat? How successful entrepreneurs build great teams? How to defeat the voice in your head telling you no?

The goal of the Daily Two Minutes Of Greatness Podcast is to share daily micro interviews with people who are truly world-class at what they do. By sharing their secrets to greatness we can uncover the characteristics they have in common.

Whether they are business experts, world-class artists and musicians, elite athletes, influential public figures or anything in between - there is something we can learn from each other to help drive ourselves to be world-class in our own right.

Be an exception. Become world-class.

The podcast is available on Stitcher, SoundCloud, iTunes, and Google Play Music. To learn more about the podcast or get in touch, head over to twominutesofgreatness.com.

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