Ep: 004 - Frankie Celenza - 3x Emmy Winning Chef & Tastemade Contributor


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Frank Celenza, who you might know as just Frankie, or Frankie Cooks, is a 3x emmy-winning cooking show host, chef and producer. Frankie’s cooking videos are very unique and different from the traditional cooking videos as he’s both very entertaining and informative, by teaching you not just how to make a dish but the story behind certain dishes and ingredients. He’s one of the chefs on Tastemade, the cooking show taking facebook and snapchat by storm, he’s been invited to the white house to create recipe’s using Michelle Obama’sWhite House Kitchen Garden, and has cooked for Novak Djokovic and his team during the 2016 US Open Championship. I ask him about how he learned to cook since he isn’t formally trained and how his music background influences his cooking style.

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